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04 August 2007 @ 09:56 am
F.T Island <3

Since I have nothing to do, I decided to do picture spam (:

Hey, have you guys heard about JYONGRI? She's a japanese singer of korean ancestry. I just thought her songs are pretty good. She speaks good English too (:
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03 August 2007 @ 08:55 pm
Finally, finals are over. I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! But I'm still anticipating about my results. Wooh! ((: But tennis practice is still on. I'm freaking exhausted. Ahh!

I haven't been here for quite long. 1 month, is considered long isn't it? HAHA. I even missed some of Johnny's news. Back then, my Johnny fandom drastically went down due to the fact that I had to study for finals. I miss Asaka though. I watched Hey! Say 7 PV and wow, they're all grown up! Chinen is sjkgfsu CUTEEE ;3 CAN SOMEONE TELL ME MORE, WHAT HAPPENED TO JJE AND YA3? Since the communities didn't help much.

I watched Tantei Gakuen too, and I find it funny how Yamada gets emo all the time, though he's only like 13++. Haha. And Hana Kimi was friggin' awesome! The first episode already made me laugh like woah! Maki can seriously pass as a guy, a very cute guy. Haha. My friend had a slight crush on her before she finds out that Maki is NATURALLY a girl. She went "Oh my god, am I a lesbian or what?". Haha! I fell in love with Toma, he was so funny! The first scene where he touched her breasts, made me laugh so hard. My 7 year old brother was disgusted and said "Eww, dirty minded! I can't believe you watch such things!". Pfft, whatever. LMAO. Oh, Oguri kissed Toma too. Eek, that was scary. I read somewhere that they took 10 takes to finish this scene, and Oguri even commented that Toma's lips is very soft. Haha.

Oh, yea, I went to Korea a few days ago too for the tennis tournament, unfortunately, my school didn't win but OMG! I can read and write Korean now! Yipee, but I still have to work out with the meanings. Went to see Ji Hoon's family too, they were so nice. I ate kimchi too! That was my first time eating kimchi. It's ok, I guess.

While I was searching for Johnny's stuffs, I bumped into this Korean forum and they were talking about this newly debuted group, F.T Island. They're so hot. I like Jonghun. He's 17! 17! YAYY! ((

Yep, that's him, Choi Jong Hun <33

kira_rika , OMG, YOU'RE BACK! OKAERI! (: I MISS YOU ((:
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28 June 2007 @ 10:45 pm
Yea, and my dad told me to stop fangirling over Asian pop for a while.

I was grounded b/c my grades turned out pretty bad due to the lazyness. Garr, so I won't be here for a while.

I miss talking to kira_rika. She's in Japan now, garr. I miss fangirling with her :)) Have fun dear! Go and stalk Kei :)) Oh stalk Arioka for me too okay ;D

Right now, I'm going to concentrate on school more. My dad was pretty pissed when he saw my grades. Seriously, it was bad. So he told me to do study and stuff. He even told me to stop playing tennis for a while so I did. I'm going to miss tennis. I talked to Thomas today and he sent a video of him and his brother dancing like an idiot. It was MAD funny :)) And in the end, they said "Mizuki, kimi o aishiteru! GANBATTE!". BWAHAHA. Man, I love them.

So, I gotta go. Bye! :)
I'm gonna miss you ;))
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15 June 2007 @ 05:59 pm

Oh, do you know a band called FAHRENHEIT or also known as Fei Lun Hai? I swear the boys look so hot, especially Arron Yan. Well, let me tell you about them, they're Taiwanese and like one of the best boyband in Taiwan, followed by JVKV [also known as F4]. Their songs are mostly ballad but they're OH SO HOT :] Plus, I speak Mandarin too :]] One of the members is the main actor on Hana Kimi :]] I wasn't really into them, but since Gina just came back from Taiwan, she bought me their 1st album, which made me squeal for like, 5 minutes :)) :] I'm still a new fan but my current favorite is Arron. Uwaa, he's so cute. He reminds me of Chinen Yuuri :]] And what makes me smile the whole day is all the members are fluent in English :]] I love Asian boys who can speak perfect english ;D

Oh yea, I haven't been here for a while and I feel like I missed something really important, but I can't remember.

Did you watched Hana Kimi, the Japanese version CM? OMG! I swear Maki Horikita looks so good as a guy, and plus, Toma's in it, yayyy! For a second, I just thought Oguri Shun looks a bit like Akanishi :))

Have you listen to Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend [Japanese version]? I downloaded it a few hours ago and my thoughts on this : BWAHAHA! Her Japanese sounds funny :] And I also download the Mandarin version and seriously, I couldn't understand what she's singing, and she sounds like a broken singing machine, in some parts. Just listen to it carefully and you'll know what I'm saying. I read somewhere in Wikipedia that Avril actually recorded 14 versions of Girlfriend. WOAH o_O
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06 June 2007 @ 11:37 pm
Uwaa, my life is hysterically unbalanced here.

I met Hashimoto on Monday and talked to him, the weird thing is, we didn't even talk about what happened on last Friday. That's a good thing :]

I failed my pace test yesterday and my coach yelled at me. He was like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? GO AND DO IT AGAIN. I DON'T WANT MY STUDENTS TO BE SUCH LAZY BUMS". He was screaming like there's no tomorrow. It was embarassing.

I'm trying to help Takashi. He likes Yuki and she likes him too, so I wanted them to be together but they ended up fighting last night, because of Yuki's ex boyfriend's unexpected news. This was the convo they had :

Gosh, I pity Takashi, really. He tried so hard to get Yuki. Man, I don't know what to do. I mean Takashi called me right after they fight and I was so bummed out that I didn't even know what to do and I ended up being hated by Yuki too because she thought I was on Takashi's side. I'm not on anyone's side now. Gah, what should I do?

Thomas suddenly went up to me just now and told me that I shouldn't be on Yuki's side and that he thought I was skipping tennis practice. I wasn't skipping tennis practice and I'm not on Yuki's side. I told him everything but he said I'm a liar and I don't care about our friendship and stuffs. WTF? Seriously, I don't know which side should I be. It's just the way Thomas said I was a liar was very unacceptable. He was like "LIAR! It seems like you don't care about our friendship. Go home then if you don't know how to deal with stuffs. You're being so immature now". It's so stupid. I'm not an immature person, it's just that I don't know what to do. Ah, this is stupid.

My puppy died today, I was bawling like there's no tomorrow. I miss him ;[ And I just found out that Ji Hoon likes me. But I seriously don't want to have a boyfriend now. I don't feel like having one, plus, I've never had a boyfriend before this. The only person that can help me is Gina and Ji Hoon but after I found out that Ji Hoon likes me, I started to distance myself from him. GAHH! ;[
01 June 2007 @ 12:08 am

Sometimes, you just can't hide your feelings forever right?

Gah, I was on MSN this evening and Yuki was on too so we talked about Hashimoto, this guy I like. We talked about how he always smile to people and that sometimes he looks like Keita Tachibana from W-inds. After we talked and stuffs, he came online. So I talked to him and invited Yuki to join our conversation.

And then he finally asked us who we like. So this is our conversation [in case you don't understand, b/c i fail  at writing explanations]

So, that's how it happened. I'm so speechless now. How am I supposed to see him this Monday? I'm so embarassed. He texted me asking if it's true that I like him and I didn't even reply to any of his mesages. He's still bugging me about it til' now. I hate it  ;[

And finally, he texted me with:

"I know who you like. Don't be shy. I'm actually a bit surprised but happy at the same time. See you on Monday!".

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28 May 2007 @ 11:50 am
Yesterday at like 12 midnight, Thomas and I went back from our school b/c we had this kind of Christianity program but we didn't participate actually, we were just helping our teachers with stuffs. Ok, back to the topic, we were walking around and there's a big graveyard beside our school so we had to passed by the graveyard.

Thomas is Christian Chinese so he doesn't really believe all the Chinese superstitious things. Ok, so when we were passing by the big graveyard, I was so scared b/c some people say that ghosts come out at 12 midnight. Luckily, there was Thomas. Otherwise, I'd be running like hell :D Ok, so I was so stupid that I looked at the graveyard and I saw this white thing walking around the graveyard. Scary enough? Nah, wait til' you hear this part... I was so shocked and I told Thomas about it and he looked at the graveyard and found out that the white thing was staring at us. Yes yes! No joke, yo! Thomas is a brave guy so he told me to walk slowly. Since I was so scared and my heart was beating rapidly every freakin' second, I held his hand and we walked slowly. A few minutes later, he looked at the graveyard again and there was no one. Instead, we heard a loud laughter coming from the graveyard. I wanna run though but Thomas told me to ignore it. I couldn't, the sound of the laughter gave me goosebumps! I nearly cried though but the sound of that thing was gone for like a few seconds later. Usually, I walked alone to my house b/c Thomas's house is at the other lane but since I was so scared, he sent me home. Seriously, that was really scary. Uwaa, I couldn't sleep last night so I went to my parents room to sleep :D I told my mom about it and she said that from now on, I don't have to pass by the graveyard. She'll fetch me.

The funny thing is when I told Yuki and Takashi, they were like "Maybe that thing's jealous because you were dating with Thomas!". o_O Bleh, Thomas's not my boyfriend, fyi :]
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21 May 2007 @ 10:14 pm
My school is having a Teacher's Day this Wednesday and all students are allowed to participate in any activities.

Something bugs me like shiit >.< Well, today was supposed to be an audition to those who want to participate in our Teacher's Day concert. I for one didn't even know that there was going to be an audition and that I thought the audition is tomorrow so I didn't bring the CD, the clothes and stuffs. What pisses me off like hell was my teacher. We told her that we didn't get any news about the audition and she started calling us stupid students and stuffs. Grrr >.< WTF? And we asked her to give us another chance and maybe we could perform tomorrow in front of her and her answer is so freakin' stupid. She said "NO. It's over. The results are here and you are not in, and if you don't like it, then that's your problem". AHH! She is so freakin' rude! She said that if we still want to participate in that concert, we have to dance with our school uniform without musics. WTF? That'd be embarassing, I thought. Nevertheless, we did it though, we did danced with our school uniform and without musics. All I could hear was the sound of counting from me and my friends. And some audience were giggling and all that. Gahh, that was so embarassing! After we did all that crap stuffs, the teacher told us that we don't have any style and so, we're out. I begged her so freakin' hard b/c we practiced a lot and we wanted to show our talents. And so, she gave us a chance, telling us that she wants to see our performance tomorrow, with complete costumes :] SUCCESS! :]

We danced to 4 songs which is Fergie's London Bridge, Blaque's I'm Good, Justin's Sexy Back and also, DBSK's O. I am really expecting the best for my team and hope that people will be amazed. Hope so. *prays hard* Wish me luck! LOVE YA <3
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13 May 2007 @ 01:22 pm
Ok, I decided to put it under a cut because it's too embarassing to show it in public =3

..and of course the random school rant begins ... XD.

Ja ne! <3
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05 May 2007 @ 11:34 pm
Whee, I so pwned the pace test today :) So awesome! I did it for like 30 minutes. Yoshi! :) My PE teacher told me that I was the first female student to do that. WOAH o_O Awesome!

The best thing is that I was chosen to play tennis. I'll be representing my school. Yay! This is really cool! I'll be competing this 15th June in South Korea. How awesome is that? *flails* .. and my first time to Korea. Yayy! But I don't think I'll go shopping and stuffs since I'm going there with my coach and I have to practice everyday. Pfft, but I'm glad that Yuki and Ji Hoon are following. I mean, they're my best friend and we did a lot of things together so this is our first time travelling together, without our parents :) Oh, Ji Hoon's korean so I guess he can show me some cool places in Korea. Can't wait! I wanna buy lots and lots of Kpop stuffs, including DBSK, Super Junior, Big Bang, Battle, XING, F.T Island. Durh, that's a must! :)))

Oh oh, I forgot to tell you this. After I came back from school, Yuki [rinmzk], Akira, Takashi and I went to ROXY. While I was searching for some new stuffs, the cashier played NewS's Sayaendou PV. Yuki and I were so spazz, and I literally jumped though. The customers gathered around the television and after the video ended, all of them applauded NewS. They were like "WOOH", and stuffs. It was just too awesome! And the next video was Ya-Ya-Yah show, the one that had Inoo and Yuto, where they went to this shop and tried a king shrimp. Uwaaaa, since Yuki likes Yuto, she was flailing like woah! :) But unfortunately, everyone left when the show started. LMAO. Oh, we found out that the cashier was a fan of JE so that's why she played everything that's related to JE.

Some of the girls behind me were like "Oh, the boys are cute" :) Kyaaaaaa, but let's indulge this first, everyone loves NewS <3
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