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29 June 2009 @ 03:01 pm


I will no longer post anything in this account anymore, but I am not gonna delete it as it consists of  memorable entries and I still check the communities I joined every once in a while. Reasons why I don't use this account anymore;
1) I have a Blogspot now.
2) I am super busy with college.

Yes, people. I'm a college student now (cries). I am currently taking Journalism at Northeastern University. Funny how time flies so fast huh? I'm all grown up now. I miss my family though. I just read my previous entries and I realized how childish they were :D But, am still proud I got to where I am now despite of all the shenanigans I've been through.

Mind you, I wasn't a troubled student but my classmates and I were quite mischievous back in high school, until I was chosen to be the Head Girl. Haha, for only five months because I withdrew myself due to the heavy responsibilities I had to carry.

And then, I was chosen to participate in the Exchange Students Program. I flew off to Spain for 6 months and will go there again this December to meet my former translators, teachers, and friends. I went back on 27th June 2008, and carried on with my life at my school and I passed my S.A.Ts and here I am now, a college student. I am happy with my life now. Don't worry, I am still a JE fangirl ;)

P/s: Some of you probably realized that I used to mention a lot about this particular guy, Thomas and how I adored him and stuffs.  Well yes, he is finally the love of my life now :') You may think I am bragging about this but I just wanna share it with you. We have pretty much gone through a lot in high school, he didn't like me at all and I was devastated by that. But, as days went by, we started to understand each other a lot and due to a lot of help from our beloved friends, we finally declared ourselves as a couple. We have been together for a year now. Well, 1 year and 4 months to be exact, and still going strong. Although he studies in Wisconsin, we still see each other every long holidays. Believe it or not, he is my first boyfriend and hopefully will stay mine forever :) It's a long way to go, yes, I do admit that but as long as we trust each other and believe that we can make it, then there's nothing left to ask for :)

So, toodles everyone. Hope you have a good day!
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